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    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    " Optional stainless-steel basket and lid
    " Low level water protection
    " Fully microprocessor controlled and programmable
    " Digital display, easy operation for time and temperature setting
    " Count-down time and actual temperature real time displaying
    " Power supply:
    AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz,
    AC110V±10%, 60Hz,

    Single Frequency

    Whether in the laboratory, doctor's surgery, at the optician, jeweller or watchmaker, in industrial companies or service workshops, the GUC series A/S units with their functional equipment and ultrasound frequency of 45/80 kHz are ideally equipped for different cleaning tasks.

  • Bi-Frequency

    Two frequencies (45/80 kHz) can be manually changed over for intensive and gentle cleaning in the GUC series ST/SD ultrasonic cleaners. Thereby, the first frequency pair (45/80 kHz) is ideally used for cleaning hard surfaces such as metal or glass. For the second frequency pair, oils and greases on hard surfaces can best be cleaned using 45 kHz and sensitive surfaces such as from the jewellery or electronics can best be cleaned using the high frequency of 80 kHz or higher. Manually welded cleaning baths made of particularly cavitation-resistant special stainless steel ensure long durability of the equipment and enable robust use for different industrial applications

  • Tri-Frequency or Customisation Solution

    45/80/100KHz adjustable frequency system for best result and
    customisation automation GUC system to meet your specification are available here. email us: